How do I measure for my custom curtains or valances?

It's easy!

Just measure the length and width of your window.


Measure the width of each window -- the curtain or valance should be approximately 1.5 times the width of the window. Our valances and curtain sets are 64" wide, so one valance or set of curtains looks great on any window from 35" to 54" wide.

For valances, we also have 1.5 width valances that are perfect for those windows that are somewhere in between.  These valances are 96" wide and are great for 54"-66" wide windows when you want extra fullness. 

When considering 1.5 width valances versus 2 single valances, remember you cannot use a center support with a 1.5 width. If your curtain rods have a center support, you should use two valances.

If your windows are larger and you are using valances, it's simple -- just add another valance! Two valances are 128" wide and look great on any window from 66" to 96" wide.

Curtains are made from our 64" wide material and will come as two 32" wide panels (set of two panels). 

If your windows are wider than 54", and you are using full length curtains, we can make 1.5 width curtains (48" panel/96" width) or for very wide spans, consider two full 64" wide panels or a total of 128".


Our curtains are measured from the top of the ruffle to the bottom of the hem. They are made to accommodate a curtain rod up to 3/4" diameter.

Need a larger rod pocket or do you plan to use clips? Just let us know and we will hook you up. 

If it is confusing, we understand!

Just give us a call, or send us an email. Feel free to add pictures, that makes it easier to help you get just the right product.

For more information, or any other questions, contact us!


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